Fans outraged over Jaclyn Hill’s new “mystery box” makeup launch

Virginia Glaze
Jaclyn Hill under fire for mystery box

Beauty guru and YouTuber Jaclyn Hill is coming under fire from critics after selling a makeup “mystery box” — which is causing some fans to scratch their heads, as she hasn’t released a new product in over a year.

Jaclyn Hill is a relatively divisive name in the influencer makeup space; ever since her massive lipstick scandal in 2019 (during which fans claimed to have found foreign objects and even mold in the lipsticks), she has borne the brunt of internet vitriol with every new project she undertakes.

Thus far, Hill’s brand has released two product lines — a line of lipsticks, and a line of highlighters, which were comparatively well-received by consumers.

However, it has been some time since Hill’s own brand — Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics — has released anything else, with Hill also coming out with another partnered Morphe palette in between.


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This changed just ahead of Valentine’s Day, with the influencer announcing she’d be selling a makeup “mystery box” full of unspecified products from her brand.

Unsurprisingly, this drew some concern from fans and critics alike, who were confused as to the seemingly random decision to release an equally random assortment of products with a “mystery” premise.

Hill took to Instagram to explain that she’d initially planned a slew of product launches throughout 2020, but the current global health crisis had thrown a serious monkey wrench into the proceedings.


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Understanding the confusion among her fans, she then revealed a few of the products that would be included in the box, which consisted of highlighters and liquid lipsticks — a move that drew more than a few negative comments, considering her past lipstick launch.

Despite the concern surrounding the launch, Hill’s box managed to sell out in a manner of seconds after officially going live on February 5 at 11 AM PST.

Hill stated on Instagram that she was “speechless and sobbing uncontrollably” over the unexpected success of her mystery makeup box — but many fans were disappointed that they couldn’t get their hands on a product they’d been excited to snag.

According to Hill, her brand had “thousands of boxes” in-store, claiming, “I thought it would take a while to sell through.”

Luckily, she stated that there’s “still more to come” from Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics in the future — but the jury is out as to the products’ quality until buyers receive their makeup.

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