YouTuber AJayII’s fans concerned she’s missing amid social media hiatus

Connor Bennett
YouTuber AjayII in a witch hatYouTube: AjayII

Fans of YouTube music review AJayII have been growing concerned as she’s not uploaded a video or posted on social media in a few weeks. 

Reviewing things on YouTube – be it music, a television show, moments in sports, food, or a book – has become quite popular with viewers over the last few years.

In the case of music, there are a few different styles. Some reviewers will get deep into the production of a track or album, while others will dance along and then just give a score at the end of it. 

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AJayII has become one of YouTube’s most popular music reviewers, amassing over 700,000 subscribers after a few years of giving her thoughts. However, she’s been on a bit of a hiatus, and fans have been growing concerned. 

YouTuber AJayII laughing about a songYouTube: AJayII
The YouTuber reviews music in a different fashion to others.

The YouTuber last uploaded a video on December 29, reviewing her favorite songs of 2020, with her last tweet coming almost 10 days earlier on December 20. 

As AJayII hasn’t posted since then, and we’re into February at the time of writing, some fans have been bombarding her socials and YouTube comments with posts, asking that she give them a sign that she’s ok. 

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“Where are you girl, please come back,” one posted in all caps. Are you okay, you haven’t posted in a long time?!? I’m genuinely concerned,” added another. “Thinking about u everyday,” read another reply. 

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Of course, given her hiatus, rumors have spread, with some fans creating wild speculation about her wellbeing and whereabouts. Though, nothing has been confirmed. 

A post on the BreatheHeavy forum from late January claimed that someone had been in contact with the YouTuber and that she was fine, spending her time playing League of Legends. Again though, this is unconfirmed. 

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screenshot of a forum post about YouTuber AJayIIBreatheHeavy forum
The post, from a forum mod, indicated that they’d spoken to the YouTuber.

Obviously, it could be the case that the YouTuber is simply taking a break and detoxing from social media. 

We’ll just have to wait and see, but fans will be hoping that, given the growing concern, she posts an update at some point soon.

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