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YouTube updates community guidelines following PewDiePie and Pokimane scandals

Published: 20/Feb/2019 21:30 Updated: 20/Feb/2019 21:40

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube are finally implementing changes to their highly-criticised ‘three strikes’ system, following a slew of controversies involving major YouTubers, such PewDiePie and Pokimane, among others.

The upcoming changes were detailed in a Creator Blog post on February 19, which introduced a simpler system in response to site-wide complaints about the issue.

YouTube assured creators that they will be more transparent concerning potential strikes, and will provide greater access to policy resources that break down the reason for an offense.

The site will also introduce new desktop and mobile notifications, which will give “important information” to users regarding a strike.

Additionally, YouTube’s initial strike against offending content will act as a one-time warning, and will have no consequences other than the removal of the content in question.


YouTube is making big changes to their ‘three strikes system,’ after taking input from community members across the platform.

YouTube are likewise making its strike system more consistent, with their second and third strikes resulting in a “two-week freeze” from uploading content and channel termination, respectively.

“We want to make sure they’re easy to understand and address the needs of the global YouTube community,” YouTube said of their new system.

YouTube’s latest policy change follows a series of scandals involving major YouTubers, such as a 2017 incident between YouTube king PewDiePie and Twitch streamer Alinity, who issued a copy strike against Pewds for calling her a “Twitch thot” in a video.

Fortnite streamer Pokimane was at the center of a similar controversy in late 2018, after issuing strikes against smaller YouTubers for using her content in a “non-transformative” manner.


While no mention was made against invalid copyright strikes in particular, the company assured concerned commenters that they do take action against bogus claims – including terminating offending channels.