YouTube streamer Ludwig “laughed” at Hasan’s Twitch contract revenue split

Lawrence Scotti
ludwig hasan

Twitch star Hasan Piker says that YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren “laughed” at his Twitch contract after privately revealing to him his agreed-upon revenue split.

Twitch made headlines on September 21 when the broadcasting site denied requests to improve its 70/30 revenue split with streamers, pointing to high live video costs.

After the news dropped, tons of streamers chimed in, like Asmongold and Valkyrae, who slammed the broadcasting site’s decision.

Now, Hasan has shed light on what his Twitch contract looks like and how a fellow streamer actually laughed at his revenue split.

Hasan has over 2.2 million followers on Twitch.

Ludwig laughs at Hasan’s Twitch contract

Hasan was live on September 21 when he shed some light on his own Twitch contract amidst the fallout of Twitch’s revenue split decision.

He explained that he couldn’t give exact numbers, as that would violate the terms of his contract, but he did share just how brutal the terms are.

“All I will say is Ludwig who saw my contract laughed about it numerous times. Both publicly and privately to my face. I don’t have a 50/50 ad split, and if you think that it’s better than that…”

Hasan explained that the reason his contract is worse than 50/50 is that he wanted to run the least amount of ads possible throughout his broadcasts.

He also said he has the lowest ad density out of all of the platform’s top streamers.

Although he wouldn’t clarify exactly how unfavorable his contract revenue ad split it, if it was enough to make Ludwig laugh directly in his face, it’s probably pretty rough for the political streamer.

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