YouTube documentary about saving Lia Marie Johnson goes viral

Matt Porter
Lia Marie Johnson filming a video for her YouTube channel.

A YouTube documentary depicting the troubling situation involving Lia Marie Johnson has gone viral online. Almost half a million people have seen the video aimed to raise awareness about her personal troubles, in only 48 hours.

Johnson rose to fame online, appearing as a series regular on the Fine Brothers Entertainment show React, where she appeared as both a child and a teen before departing to create her own YouTube channel, and sign a record deal with Capitol Records.

Throughout 2019 though, many became concerned for the 23-year-old’s well-being, streaming on Instagram Live on a number of occasions, shouting at those who watched her back in May, while police were called to a music studio in Los Angeles on January 2.

Lia Marie Johnson appearing in a YouTube video.
Concerns have been raised for the wellbeing of Lia Marie Johnson.

On January 20, YouTuber J Aubrey uploaded a 28-minute video titled “The Trouble Case of Lia Marie Johnson.” The video breaks down her rise to fame and subsequent issues, before calling for help to bring the singer away from the situation she is in, claiming she “hasn’t been herself for a long time.”

“I can’t correctly hypothesize any traumatic events that lead to the spiral of Lia Marie Johnson,” he states. “Given the limited information we have to work with, no one can know for sure, but at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter how she reached this state. It’s only a matter of how she will obtain the help necessary to get better.”

“I know Johnson is a talented performer with more potential than she probably even realizes, which makes this situation all the more devastating,” the YouTuber explains. “I understand that having your personal problems amplified by the internet probably does little to better your actual condition, but when you’re concerning behavior is consistently displayed in front of millions, you can’t blame anyone for worrying.”

“Lia Marie Johnson is a troubled soul who was thrown into a twisted industry, and while I don’t have all the answers, I sincerely hope she finds the moral assistance to regain the peace she once had,” he concludes.

J Aubrey produces long-form video essays on YouTube, addressing issues and controversies he notices on the platform, while also breaking down the effect that stars have had on the entertainment industry, such as Jon Stewart or Kanye West. The content creator uploaded his video on January 19, and already it has been viewed 477,000 times.

Lia Marie Johnson has remained active on social media despite the concerns raised for her welfare, posting a number of images on Instagram since her stream on January 2 which ended with law enforcement becoming involved.

Many still remain worried about her current state, and much like J Aubrey, hope that the starlet receives the help she needs.

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