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Logan Paul reveals one YouTube video that was so bad he had to delete it

Published: 21/Jan/2020 12:08

by Jacob Hale


In his appearance on Russell Brand’s ‘Under the Skin’ podcast, Logan Paul revealed that he recently had to remove one of his old YouTube videos because it was so bad.

In the past, Paul has made some controversial content, and ultimately he paid the price for it. After his infamous ‘suicide forest’ video in January 2018, he had made headlines across mainstream press for all the wrong reasons.

However, that wasn’t the only issue that Logan believes made people question his content, as he recently watched one video that he so clearly regrets that he had to remove it from YouTube entirely.


Image of Logan Paul and Russell Brand
YouTube: Russell Brand
Logan’s appearance on Under the Skin gave him a chance to speak more candidly about who he is as a person.

Discussing watching some of his old videos back, Hollywood star Brand asked him what he had watched, and Paul was brutally honest with the host and himself.

“This one was bad,” he said, taking a drink to compose himself for the story. “I had to remove it from YouTube, actually. I faked my death in front of my fans. Young fans.”

Paul explained the video to Brand. “Fans realized where I lived and they would wait for me to come out. One day, I was like, ‘I’m going to teach them a lesson not to spy on people.’ So I had my friend come up behind me with a shotgun, and another friend to splatter ‘blood’. The more I talk, the more I realize how blatantly inappropriate this is.”


(Timestamp 20:48 for mobile users)

Logan looked uncomfortable explaining the video, and you can see he clearly knows he made a misstep by pranking his fans in such a way.

He did try to justify it somewhat, though. “If the fans weren’t so young, I don’t think this would have been that bad. But the fact that they were children… It’s not great.”

Russell does almost back him up, too, saying that as there are no rules on the medium he was using, it can get a little confusing.

Throughout the rest of the video, Logan Paul discussed his aspirations of going to Hollywood to become an actor and how he believes his tough upbringing shaped who he is today.


Logan is the first major YouTube personality to appear on the Under the Skin podcast, which is usually reserved for academics or celebrities with staunch opinions on various issues surrounding politics, ethics, race and society among other things.