YouTube CEO responds after Ludwig gets Twitch logo tattooed on himself

YouTube CEO responds to Ludwigs twitch logo tattooInstagram: ludwigahgren / Wall Street Journal

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki has responded after popular streamer Ludwig got a tattoo of the Twitch logo on his leg, despite leaving the platform to sign an exclusive contract with YouTube last year.

Ludwig Ahgren officially broke off his ties to Twitch in November 2021, leaving the purple streaming platform in favor of an exclusive streaming contract with YouTube.

Although admitting to being “stressed and anxious” about his decision at the time, he recently revealed that he felt it was the “right one” in the end — but he recently ran into an awkward situation regarding his status as an official YouTube streamer.

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In late November, Ludwig held a charity stream in which he claimed that he’d get a tattoo suggested by the top donator. As it happens, fellow influencer Valkyrae ended up taking the crown by donating a whopping $15,000, daring him to get a tattoo of the Twitch logo.

Ludwig Twitch tattooInstagram: ludwigahgren
Ludwig jazzed up his tattoo of Twitch’s logo with an image of his cat, Coots.

It seems that Ludwig is a man of his word. He went through with Valkyrae’s tattoo idea on December 6 and even live-streamed the process for his viewers.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki trolls Ludwig over his Twitch tattoo

He also Tweeted about the ordeal just before getting inked — and it looks like YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, took notice of the situation.

She replied to Ludwig’s Tweet with the eyes emoji, as though poking fun at him by letting him know that she’s well aware of his traitorous actions.

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Ludwig had a hilarious response to Susan’s Tweet, asking his followers: “Who narc’d?”

He also suggested a peace offering to his boss, saying he’d be willing to get matching YouTube tattoos with Wojcicki if she wanted.

This is far from his first public interaction with YouTube’s head honcho; in fact, Ludwig interviewed her earlier this year, asking her hard-hitting questions about the platform’s policies in a video that’s received over 2 million views.

Luckily, it looks like Ludwig gets to keep his job for now as he prepares for his upcoming Chess Boxing event coming up on December 11.

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