Ludwig gets Twitch logo tattoo after Valkyrae dare on charity stream

Ludwig twitch tattooYouTube: Ludwig

After Valkyrae’s big $15,000 donation during his recent ‘subathon’, Ludwig Ahgren was forced into getting a Twitch logo tattoo. Now it’s immortalized in history — on stream and on his body — as the YouTube star pulled through.

During a charity stream, Ludwig promised to get a tattoo based on the suggestion of his top four donators. Among those top donators was fellow YouTube Gaming star Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, who donated $15,000 for the worthy cause.

She originally considered forcing him to get the YouTube logo — tasteful given their streaming allegiances — but quickly changed her mind to the Twitch logo. Ludwig created a poll which included three other options: “Coots”, “cracker”, and “Jerma Sus Face.” Coots is the name of his cat, who also made it into the tattoo.

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After Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel’s interference, where he asked his viewers to go vote for the Twitch logo, Ludwig’s Twitch logo tattoo became set in stone.

Ludwig shared the process thus far on his YouTube stream, where the title states “PLEASE DONT SUE ME SUSAN”.

YouTube: Ludwig
The final product can be seen in the paper in the background

He then posted the stencil of the permanent tattoo on Twitter, which serves as a base sketch before the full coloring goes in. The final colored-in tattoo can be seen in the background on the music stand.

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“Getting the enemy tattooed on me live right now… don’t fire me, Susan,” he said in the post, referencing YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki.

“Greatest 10k of my life,” popular content creator Hasan ‘Hasanabi’ Piker commented on the Twitter post.

While he might be long gone from Twitch, the platform is now immortalized on Ludwig’s body — not just for the rest of his content creator days, but eternity.

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