Ludwig reflects on YouTube move a year on: “It was the right one”

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A year after making the decision to move from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, popular content creator Ludwig Ahgren has reflected on the big moment. He’s confident he made the right decision, and is happier in his red home.

Ludwig’s move from Twitch to YouTube Gaming made big headlines in November 2021. The streaming star, who made history earlier that year with his 31-day subathon, defected six months later to Twitch’s biggest rival.

Since then he’s eased off the streaming side of things, but continues to make great video content and has pushed streaming into a new era with pre-produced mega shows like Mogul Money.

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A year on from the move, and Ludwig is confident he made the right choice.

“It’s officially been one year since I moved over to YouTube,” he wrote on November 31.

“I vividly remember how stressed and anxious I was making that decision. I’m happy to report it was the right one.” 

Many of the comments from the Twitter post are positive, congratulating Ludwig on a successful first year with YouTube. Some even commenting on how it was only when he moved over to YouTube that they began following his content and became a fan.

In this past year, Ludwig has opened up about the growth of YouTube Gaming and how the platform is slowly but surely adding in new features and customization options for content creators.

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Since November 2021, Ludwig has been consistently streaming on YouTube and is now just one of many popular streamers to have made the transition over.

Since moving over, the likes of Myth, Lilypichu, and many more have been poached by YouTube and made the move over from Twitch, the platform that they had initially established their content on.

Ludwig currently has over 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Just last week, Ludwig raised over $300,000 in 50 hours during his latest subathon charity stream