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Young Twitch fan caught giving $20k of parent’s money to streamers

Published: 19/Jul/2020 15:57 Updated: 29/Jan/2021 11:45

by Calum Patterson


A teenage Twitch fan has racked up some serious charges on their parent’s debit card after an alleged $20,000 spree on donations and subscriptions, without the card holder’s knowledge.

Twitch is an entirely free-to-watch platform for the most part, requiring no subscription fees to sign-up and start watching any stream, from any broadcaster, at any time.

But, if you become a loyal fan who regularly tunes into a select few streamers, it’s common to support those broadcasters financially, either through a monthly subscription or other means of donating.

CourRage streaming Fortnite
Twitch: CouRageJD
Some streamers are blessed with massive donations in the tens of thousands.

The price of a monthly sub ranges from $4.99 to $24.99, depending on the ‘tier’, which is split between the streamer and Amazon-owned Twitch itself. With countless streamers to choose from, if you’re not careful, you could end up with a heft monthly bill.

And this is before any donations are taken into account. You can choose to donate an unlimited amount of cash as a one-off gift to a streamer, and it appears that this teenage fan was doing just that, reaching over $20,000 in only just over two weeks.

According to their parent, who posted a worried plea on the official Twitch subreddit, their “minor” child “spent almost $20k using a debit card on subscriptions & donations, cleaning out my bank accounts without my knowledge or permission. Years of savings gone in 17 days.”

20k in donations by minor in 17 days from Twitch

Unknowingly liberated from their savings, the parent explained that they had received no response from either customer service, nor Amazon’s legal team or CEO Emmett Shear.

Depending on how the money was spent, some of it may not even be reclaimable through Twitch. Many streamers use third-parties like StreamLabs to process one-off donations. Only channel subscriptions or ‘bits’ are handled by Twitch directly.

Some helpful responders suggested that the parent’s only recourse would be to contact their bank directly and report the transactions as fraudulent. The bank could then, hopefully, begin the process of chargebacks.

The parent said that she got the names of the streamers from their child, and they included an NBA and NFL player, and three other “super popular” streamers.

This will be very disappointing news to whatever streamers benefitted from the child’s reckless spending spree, but chargebacks are not uncommon. Streamers are often advised not to spend any money received from donations for at least a few months, as chargebacks are apparently surprisingly common.

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KSI starts hilarious “beef” with Minecraft star TommyInnit

Published: 24/Feb/2021 20:13

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star-turned-boxer KSI has struck up yet another humorous “feud” with the uber-popular Minecraft influencer TommyInnit — leading to a completely hilarious and unexpected response from the gamer.

When it comes to fandom feuds, most bystanders know better than to get involved… but when content creators themselves declare war against each other, it’s almost impossible for viewers to not take an interest.

This time around, British rapper and influencer KSI has taken some shots at TommyInnit — all for the jokes, of course. While the two have “duked it out” on social media before (all for the lulz), this time, a slew of other high-profile names are getting involved in a chuckle-worthy social media showdown.

On February 24, KSI stirred the pot with a tweet that caught the attention of Minecraft fans all over the app: “Sidemen fanbase > Minecraft fanbase.”

A short while later, the commotion caught the attention of none other than MrBeast, who replied: “Anyone else waiting with popcorn for TommyInnit to reply?”

It wasn’t long before the British Minecraft star chimed in on the situation with a series of responses that left the internet in stitches.

“Mr Beast,” he began “I don’t do drama Mr Beast. I just tell people who are wrong why they’re wrong, and why they’re f***ing stupid. KSI is almost always wrong. He’s never been right. He just sits there dissing people in his ivory tower, meanwhile I’m sat here on Reddit studying algorithm. F*** him.”

However, it was Tommy’s next response that took the joke even further, with the YouTuber poking fun at his own viewers: “Tommy fanbase is a bunch of 12 year old girls who fangirl over him. Same for Carl and Dream, and Sidemen fanbase who can handle jokes.”

The Minecrafter then jokingly asked his fans to ratio KSI’s Tweet — a request that fellow Minecraft personality Quackity graciously agreed to, writing: “I just think it’s funny when old people get less likes. Signal boosted.”

While this is far from the first time KSI has effectively “stirred the pot” with the Minecraft fandom, their “feud” is no more than playful banter and humorous jokes — which are currently giving their respective fanbases a hilarious interaction that has some calling for a diss track.