Viewer donates $100 to Twitch streamer in exchange for empty beer can

André González Rodríguez
Viewer wants streamer's beer canTwitch: Stormfall33

Twitch streamer ‘Stormfall33’ got a strange surprise after one of her viewers donated $100 in exchange for her empty beer can.

As one of the many ways to support their favorite Twitch streamers, viewers can go past the regular five-dollar subscription and send broadcasters bigger amounts of money in the form of donations.

However, these can get a bit out of hand, as apart from the usual donation that often doesn’t exceed five to ten dollars, sometimes fans go above and beyond.

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To the surprise of Stormfall33, not only did she receive a huge dono from one of her viewers – she also got a very specific request.

Twitch DonationTwitch
Viewers’ donations to Twitch streamers can sometimes go overboard.

Viewer donates $100 for a streamer’s empty beer can

During an April 10 stream, Stormfall33 was shocked to receive a $101 donation, where the donator asked if she could send them the empty beer can that sat next to her. “Overnight can delivery, my queen?”

Completely shocked by the donation, the Twitch streamer sat with her mouth open for a few seconds until she exclaimed, “Are you serious? Do you actually want me to send you this can?”

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Fortunately, the viewer who donated the money sat in her chat and was able to reply to her directly, stating, “Don’t harm that can. I’m serious, I have an idea.”

Happy to have received such a generous donation, Stormfall33 completely ignored why the chatter wanted the can in the first place and was more than willing to send it.

“You’re serious?!” she asked. “I’ll send you the can, I’ll do it… Thank you for the $100!”

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Donations like these are few and far between, even if it involves sending presumably used cans. Only time will tell if Stormfall33 will follow through.

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