Young Fan with Crush on Pokimane Gives Way Too Much Info When They Meet in Fortnite Duos

Calum Patterson

A 12 year old Fortnite player randomly matched with streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys, who he has a big crush on, but went too far in declaring his affection for her.

Pokimane was playing Fortnite on stream when she decided to play some random duos, where the player joins up with another randomly assigned partner to play together.

For popular streamers, this can be great content, as fans who are familiar with them are often star struck, and can’t believe their luck that they are playing with them live on stream in front of thousands.

But it’s not always a great idea, especially for very popular streamers, because of course there are plenty of trolls who will take their 15 minutes of fame to antoganise the streamer and their viewers, as is often seen with Dr DisRespect.

Pokimane however ran into a very different kind of problem. When she matched with the young 12 year old, it immediately became clear that there could be an issue – the fan had a massive crush on her.

Initially, he wasn’t aware that he was in fact playing with the real Pokimane, but once she told him, he was very forward indeed about his crush.

First asking for her number and telling her how ‘hot’ he thinks she is, questions which Pokimane simply laughed off innocently and inquired his age.

But after this, the young fan clearly forgot that thousands were listening, or perhaps was caught up in the moment, and crossed the line.

We won’t repeat what he said to Pokimane, but he said it loud and proud for the entire stream to hear, who certainly got a laugh out of it.

Pokimane quickly told him off and let him know it is now way to speak to a woman – especially with the tens of thousands of viewers who were tuning in.

The two continued to play the match out however, and the young fan went to her stream to discover that it was in fact Pokimane herself, but that didn’t stop him being very crude.

Pokimane did play the match out until the end despite some of her viewers telling her to leave, as the young fan continued to be very rude.

It’s an example however of the immaturity that exists within some portions of young gamers and fans of the gaming scene, which top streamer Ninja made a point of in recent weeks.

Ninja has explained that he chooses not to play with female gamers and streamers because their interactions would be immediately spread and rumors would ignite, because of the attitudes of many fans towards female streamers in particular.

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