Emotional Streamer Rage Quits His Broadcast Because No One Was Putting Anything in the Chat

Albert Petrosyan

A Twitch streamer named ‘RAGE’ got quite emotional in his latest stream when no one was putting anything in his chat.

He got so emotional in fact, that he turned off his live broadcast out of anger, not wanting to continue staring at the emptiness of his chat box.

RAGE was streaming ‘We Happy Few’ on August 16 when he noticed that almost every one of his viewers was lurking and not typing.

This got him irritated, to the point where he went on an angry and emotional rant about his audience being “dicks” and proceeded to turn off his stream.

“All of you guys are dicks, fucking dicks. Two hours every time, I’m always on two hours every time. You guys fucking come in and you fucking act like you’re here, then fucking leave, and that’s how it is. I just have to get used to it, but it’s not fucking fair. Bye! Fuck this stream, I’m fucking ending it. I’m fucking ending it right now! It’s fucking over.”

Being a Twitch streamer can sometimes be very difficult and frustrating for a number of reasons, one of which is having an inactive chat.

Knowing that there are viewers watching the stream but not seeing any messages being typed in the chat can be a exasperating experience, especially for a partnered streamer like RAGE.

Judging by his reaction, this type of things happens often in his stream, and apparently always at around the two hour mark.

However, with nearly 13,000 followers and a partnership with Twitch, it’s unlikely that RAGE will let this type of thing stop him from continuing to pursue a streaming career.