Dr DisRespect Playing Random Duos on Fortnite Results in Some of His Funniest Moments Yet


Dr DisRespect decided to queue up in the duos playlist on Fortnite to match up with random partners, and the ensuing games were nothing short of hilarious.

Streamers often play random duos on Fortnite as they make for great entertainment -a big time Twitch star partnering with a young enthusiastic kid has led to many wholesome moments on stream.

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It was popularized by Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, who has formed friendships with star-struck players through his random duos matches, and now even Dr DisRespect is trying his hand at the trend.

For the Doc, who has been at the very top of streaming for over 2 years, it’s rare he will play with anyone except other top streamers or friends, but decided to give some lucky random players a shot with the self-proclaimed ‘face of Twitch’.

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His first partner, ‘Unknown_player27’, was a very young kid who brilliantly roasted the Doc with some very subtle digs at his playing ability.

“You’re probably one of those people who are really bored because they’re really good at the game, so they’re just pretending to be bad. I can tell you’re faking.”

The young player even pulls up Dr DisRespect’s Fortnite stats, somewhat sarcastically complimenting his ‘impressive’ win and kill/death ratio.

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His next duo sounded a little order, but was in fact more star-struck than the last – immediately screaming for his Mom to come see that he had matched up with the ‘Two Time Champion’.

Dr DisRespect has made clear in the past that he prefers Fortnite’s rival game, the militaristic PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), over the more cartoonish and building reliant battle royale.

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But his random duos were brilliantly entertaining, so perhaps this is what the Doc and his stream audience have needed to fall in love with Fortnite.