xQc has wholesome reaction to TSM Myth’s perfect impression of him

Brent Koepp

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel reacted to Ali ‘TSM Myth‘ Kabbani’s acting chops, after the popular Fortnite player nailed a perfect impression of him.

Overwatch pro xQc has an unmistakable personality that has largely become a staple of his streams. The gamer talks quickly, says “dude” a lot, and has explosive rants.

But the Canadian could have been looking in a mirror when Fortnite streamer TSM Myth pulled off the perfect impression that nailed every little detail down – and he shared a wholesome reaction to it.

Myth’s perfect impression

During a stream on August 24, Myth was playing Fortnite, when he launched into his impression of the Canadian. “We’re going to be playing fuckin’ Fortnite, dude. I’m ready to have a really good stream today boys!”

He also captured the culture that is prevalent in xQc’s chat. “Everybody please, fuckin’ Pepega Clap in the chat dude. Let’s go boys, let’s get crazy today dude!”

Myth nailed down his body language as well, when he mirrored his scream “well!” as he motioned his hands in the same way xQc does when ranting. 

xQc reacts to Myth’s impression

The Overwatch pro then played Myth’s impression of him during his own stream on August 24, and shared a wholesome reaction to it. 

Smiling, the Canadian pro was amused at how accurate it was and laughed as the Fortnite pro nailed the intricacies of his voice. When Myth brought up the Pepega Clap, xQc broke out into laughter. “That’s actually good!” he smiled.

This isn’t the first time Myth has impersonated the Canadian streamer. Earlier in June 2019, the Fortnite player made his first attempt at doing an impression of the Overwatch pro.

Clearly he’s improved, as the latest impression is almost dead on, and has come a long way from his first attempt, which was still funny in its own right.

xQc continues to be one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with over 1.5 million followers at the time of this article.