xQc spends $1000 on character in Twitch’s viral AI-generated Seinfeld stream

Connor Bennett
xQc alongside AI seinfeld on TwitchTwitch: xQc/Nothing, Forever

Streaming star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel splashed out on a role in the viral Nothing, Forever AI sitcom that has been taking over Twitch in the last few days. 

Twitch has always been home to the world’s best gamers and content creators, as they’ve flaunted their skills in every genre and title that you can think of. Though, it’s open to much more than that. 

While the platform has come under fire in the past for allowing gambling and hot tub streams, it’s also provided a home for creatives too with unique ideas. Jerma’s Sim’s inspired Doll House show and the EverythingNowShow sitcom are prime examples of successes. 

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In the past few days, some Twitch users have become obsessed with the Nothing, Forever sitcom that takes inspiration from Seinfeld, but is completely AI-generated. That includes xQc too. 

xQc spends $1000 for role in Twitch’s Nothing, Forever AI show

The Canadian streaming star checked out a few episodes on the Nothing, Forever channel during his February 1 stream and found it pretty entertaining as he repeatedly laughed along at it. 

So much so, that he discovered that the creators have a Patreon, and viewers can join the $999 tier to have their own character added to the show. “For $1000 you get your own character? Chat, that’s a lot of stones,” xQc said after taking a look into it.

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“Oh my f**king god, I did it,” he added shortly after his chat urged him to open up his wallet and purchase his own character. 

The Patreon page does note that anyone who purchases a spot on the show will get an alert before their character makes an appearance – it doesn’t happen instantly.

We’ll have to wait and see if and when xQc makes an appearance, but he canceled the recurring billing option, so he’s not going to be splashing out long term.

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