Twitch streamers are creating a sitcom live with viewers in control of the chaos

. 1 month ago
Twitch: EverythingNowShow

A comedy troupe on Twitch has created a sitcom directed by and co-written with their viewer’s input for maximum madness.

The EverythingNowShow has been hard at work rewriting the rules of what you can do on Twitch.

Walking firmly in the footsteps of Jerma985, who paved the way with his insane Sim’s recreation ‘The DollHouse’ the small streaming group are constantly playing with what it means to stream on a ‘live interactive platform’.

Following on from the success of the Uber Simulator just a month ago, EverythingNowShow has returned to write a sitcom with chat. Watching is a chaotic experience to say the least.

Twitch: EverythingNowShow
One of the games played with the audience involved a performer struggling to try and sell images of products supplied by the viewers.

The show runs with Twitch’s innate interactive capability, making use of polls and soundbites to influence the direction the story travels in. Additionally, viewers can submit images through Discord or Twitter to impact the on-screen antics.

Running with the loose premise of a character stuck in their mundane office job as they ran through a day of interviews, viewers were able to feed the lead snacks or fire anyone they wanted to.

Quickly devolving into the floor-level humor we should’ve expected from the start, viewers could pay Bits to interrupt the show with ‘Premium’ or ‘Deluxe’ farts.

Viewers were quick to express their opinion with strong positivity for the idea. One tweet reading: “Kudos to these dudes going outside the box. Streamers overall have become nothing but a self-budgeting Jersey Shore/Reality show. These dudes took the SNL/Mad TV/All That approach. Very nice.”

With users like EverythingNowShow, Jerma985, and CodeMiko constantly tearing up the rules of what ‘can’ be done with a livestream, we’re excited to see how these experiments will change and develop over time.

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