xQc gets embarrassed as maids pick up trash in his streaming room while live

Meera Jacka
xQc gets embarrassed as maids pick up trash in his streaming room while live

xQc admitted to his chat on stream that he felt embarrassed and shy of the mess he’d left after maids entered the room to clean up after him.

Having a messy house can often become a bit overwhelming and sometimes it’s helpful to have an extra set of hands (or two) to get the job done and everything reorganized.

Canadian streamer Félix Lengyel, better known as ‘xQc’ online, seems to have found the solution to a cluttered house by hiring maids to help him keep on top of everything. Notorious for his “disgusting” stream setup messiness, it seems a helping hand was needed.

But he was left embarrassed when the maids came into the room he was streaming from on August 7, confessing to his chat that he was too shy to socialize due to the amount of trash they had to pick up for him.

Pausing the video he’d been watching, xQc fell silent as the maids cleaned behind him, typing a message to his chat to explain his sudden change in behavior.

“Normally I’m not like embarrassed chat, so like, I’m more social and chill [sic],” the streamer insisted. “But this time there’s a lot of f****** trash, holy f***.”

With his fingers tapping against the keyboard the only sound to be heard, the awkward silence was near deafening.

“I’m like, actually shy,” xQc admitted, apologising to the chat. “They’ve been cleaning for years. I [don’t] even know [what] to say.”

xQc embarrased
xQc didn’t know what to say due to the amount of mess he’d left.

When one of the maids glanced in the direction of xQc’s stream, he quickly closed his confession to the chat.

Continuing to play the video, xQc tried to casually hide his noticeable embarrassment by shielding his face with his hand. Something tells us, he might just prepare a little more in advance next time he hires the extra help.

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