xQc reveals insane nine-figure sum wagered through Twitch gambling streams

xQc streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc

During a recent broadcast, xQc revealed just how much he’s wagered across all of his Twitch gambling streams in an attempt to correct misinformation. The massive wagered sum sparked disbelief among many viewers, causing further controversy.

Popular variety streamer Félix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel is no neophyte when it comes to gambling, often seen streaming gambling in various forms, occasionally with sponsors involved. This often results in backlash from the community — with many claiming xQc promotes gambling.

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In response to a Bloomberg article, xQc lashed back during his August 7 broadcast. He claimed the report spread misinformation to create a narrative rather than report the truth. The streamer read a quote from the article which stated: “In May, Lengyel said the promotion code he shared on Twitch brought $119 million to Stake.’ That is not what that amount is.”

Enraged at the claim, xQc pulled up the figure in question.

Taken on August 7, 2022, the figure revealed that since May, xQc has wagered $685,075,984 with 656,376 bets, 63,057 wins, and 583,405 losses.

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Now it’s worth keeping in mind that the wagered amount isn’t the amount of money he’s gambled, per se. Wagered refers to the amount he has bet in total — a variable independent of winnings.

To help illustrate this idea, imagine you bet $10, and you manage to break even. So you bet another $10 immediately after. Despite only spending $10, the total amount you wagered in this scenario is $20. Therefore, with xQc figuratively rolling the dice over 600,000 times, that wagered sum certainly adds up.

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xQc continued on his rant stressing: “That [article] is massive stupid. And I never promoted the code either.” But the question of codes quickly became lost to the community with many now flabbergasted by the massive sum of money.

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