xQc gets trolled by G FUEL with box filled with tangled wires - Dexerto

xQc gets trolled by G FUEL with box filled with tangled wires

Published: 7/Apr/2021 11:22

by Alex Garton


After being sent a huge package from G FUEL, Twitch personality Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel decided to open it on stream – but the box opening didn’t exactly go to plan.

Although Twitch is filled with a wide variety of entertaining personalities, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone like xQc. The immensely popular streamer has a huge and dedicated fanbase which has only grown since he started playing on the NoPixel GTA RP server.

Of course, like many big streamers and content creators, he has various companies that offer him sponsorship deals. One of which is G FUEL, with the company even designing him his very own flavor and bottle.


The parcel was supposed to contain his product so he could show it off. However, the company couldn’t help themselves with an annoying addition to the delivery.

xqc gfuel
Twitch: xQcOW
xQc now has his very own Gfuel flavor.

xQc gets trolled in G FUEL box opening

During his April 6 stream, xQc decided he was going to open the massive package he’d been sent. Although he knew it would contain his very own flavored drink, he didn’t realize the company had added a few extra items.

After opening the top of the box, xQc saw that they had included a note and read it out to the stream.

“Sieve through a bunch of fricken wires, the juice collector box, and juice shaker cup… lastly enjoy the shirt with the picture.”


Despite the warning that it was going to contain something strange, the former Overwatch pro player clearly didn’t expect the huge pile of tangled wires that were included.

“Holy s**t, dude, bunch of f***ing wires no s***t, they weren’t kidding, bunch of f***ing wires.”

Luckily, although the package looked like a mess to open, it also included xQc’s unique G FUEL flavor and bottle design. It was obvious from the moment he saw his own flavor that he loved the packaging.

Simply called ‘The Juice’, xQc’s unique flavor is a combination of watermelon and citrus with a pink and green box design.


“Oh damn dude, it actually looks really good, the juice dude!”

The stunt made for a hilarious moment on a stream, and was a great way for xQc to reveal his very own G FUEL flavor. It’s pretty obvious the streamer was incredibly pleased with the design, so we’ll have to see how popular it is among his fans.

After being banned from the NoPixel again, it is likely xQc will continue streaming Minecraft content until the mods grant him access to the GTA server again.