xQc gets GTA RP tips from GTA 5’s Michael actor after failed bank heist

xqc and ned luke gtaNed Luke/Twitch: xQc

xQc was given some pointers on how to perform a bank heist by Ned Luke, the actor for GTA 5’s Michael De Santana, after the Canadian streamer almost passed out on stream.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyell become one of GTA RP’s most high-rated streamers after returning from his second ban from the NoPixel server for exploiting a gun glitch, attracting praise from the likes of Dr Disrespect.

But some fans have actually been concerned for his health, after a failed attempt at a solo bank heist. In the process, xQc got so pent up with energy that his heart rate reached 170bpm, which is higher than the average person’s heart rate when running.

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While xQc failed to pull off the heist successfully, he later reflected that the stress he has experienced was probably what caused him to be unable to complete the final puzzle.

News of xQc’s stressful exploits had reached the shores of GTA actor Ned Luke, who portrayed the campaign’s protagonist Michael. He had a few words of wisdom to give to xQc in the wake of his disastrous heist attempt.

“Slow and steady Q, slow and steady,” he said, referencing Michael’s advice to Trevor when the duo undertake a heist in the prologue of the GTA V campaign: “Slow and steady T, slow and steady.”

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xQc was absolutely buzzing to receive support from Grand Theft Auto royalty, and beamed about the interaction both on stream and on Twitter.

“That’s crazy dude,” xQc said, grinning from ear to ear. “That’s actually sick.”

He later quote tweeted the actor, where he said, “REAL.” Luke then responded, “F***** A right it’s real.”

Outside of GTA, you may recognize Luke from his cameo as a ‘boorish man’ in Boardwalk Empire, as well as multiple appearances as various characters in Law & Order.

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Whether he’s been watching xQc playing GTA RP, or heard about the Canadian’s exploits from a fan, he’s clearly very attached to the character of Michael.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if Luke’s words will make any difference in getting xQc to chill out. Who knows, maybe the streamer will have a Ben Kenobi-style voice in his head that relaxes him when he undertakes his next heist.

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