xQc fires back with insults at Tyler1 after he refuses to play with him

Calum Patterson. Last updated: Oct 31, 2018

Two of the most popular Twitch streamers appear to be feuding, after xQc saw a clip of Tyler1 respond to a request to play with him with a resounding “f*** xQc”.

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Both Tyler1 and xQc are known for being somewhat hot headed, outspoken characters, which is part of the reason both are so popular on the live streaming platform.

It appears xQc had said he wanted to play some Blackout with Tyler1, or at least someone suggested this to Tyler1, but his fellow streamer was not interested at all.

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While playing Blackout, the new battle royale mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Tyler1 gave a brutal answer when his chat suggested xQc wanted to play.

“xQc wants to play? f*** xQc”, Tyler1 said in response to the query from his chat. xQc, watching a clip of this moment on his own stream then launches into a tirade.

“F*** tyler. He was stuck all weekend, breastfeeding Michaela,” -xQc then imitates Tyler1 doing exactly that, calling him a “f***ing pussy.”

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The two streamers are not known to collaborate often, and perhaps this exchange is an insight into why, although it could simply be an isolated heated moment.

In truth, Tyler1 rarely plays with other streamers in general, so xQc maybe shouldn’t take it to heart that he turned him down on this occasion, but Tyler1’s response was admittedly harsh.