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Nerd City calls out Jake Paul for playing dumb during Shane Dawson documentary

Published: 31/Oct/2018 13:13 Updated: 31/Oct/2018 13:36

by Matt Porter


YouTuber Nerd City has created a new video calling out Jake Paul for lying and pretending to be stupid during the Shane Dawson produced docuseries “The Mind of Jake Paul.”

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In the final episode of the documentary, Dawson referred to a previous video uploaded by Nerd City in which he criticized Jake Paul for what he perceived to be manipulation of his young audience in an attempt to sell his merchandise.

Paul was clearly upset by the allegation, stating: “It’s fucking stupid people think that’s manipulative. I don’t see a problem with it at all. A big part of my content is to make someone’s day. To me, that’s what the merchandise is about. For people to say I’m trying to manipulate younger kids, it’s ridiculous.”


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Now Nerd City has produced a new video, challenging Paul for pretending to not understand social influencing and the power his social media reach has, when he believes the Team 10 owner is an expert in the subject.

“Jake, it may benefit you to play the idiot from time to time, which you clearly do,” said Nerd City. “But we’re not fooled by it. How honest you are about your goals depends on who you think is listening.

“If your fans are listening, you say your goal is to make their day, but if you’re talking to businesses, your say your goal is to build an audience and monetize it, and since that’s what you do, it’s silly to deny it.”


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In his video, Nerd City shows clips of Paul speaking at various business conferences about the power of social media, and also found websites owned by Jake Paul that advertise and promote his and Team 10’s ability to sell products. One site even focused on Chinese companies who would like to move into the American market.

In one video, which Nerd City took from a channel called ‘Jake Paul Biz’ where the YouTuber makes content for business, Paul told companies: “You need to create content around your products. That’s what makes people buy it.”

Paul has yet to respond to Nerd City’s latest video, but we will keep you updated as the story progresses.