xQc finally joins TikTok and he’s already going viral

Connor Bennett
xQc alongside TikTok logo

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has, at long last, finally joined TikTok with his ‘twitchxqcow’ account and it hasn’t taken him long at all to make waves on the platform. 

After springing to prominence thanks to his world-class Overwatch skills, xQc has become one of the most recognizable faces on the internet and is arguably Twitch’s biggest name at the moment.

The Canadian, who has over 10 million followers on the platform, is no longer locked into playing just one game, as he regularly dips his toe into a wide variety of titles. On top of that, he’s also made ‘react’ content a pretty big part of his daily broadcasts.

He’ll typically kick streams off with a few YouTube videos, Twitch clips, and even TikToks, but he had refused to get involved with the latter – until now.

xQc-smile-2xQc is amongst the top on Twitch when it comes to variety streaming.

xQc joins TikTok as twitchxqcow

During his April 1st stream, xQc revealed that he’d finally started a TikTok account, and that it wasn’t an April Fools Day prank as some fans may have assumed.

His first and only post, to this point, has garnered over 3 million views and 600,000 likes. Though, the video itself doesn’t involve him doing anything crazy or coordinated. The Twitch star literally just leans into the camera, says hello, and then the video comes to an end.

As well as having a multi-million view video already, xQc has also amassed close to 300,000 followers in less than 24 hours. Seeing as he’s got a massive fan base across social media, it wouldn’t be a shock to see that number skyrocket even further.

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Plenty of fans and popular TikTokers have weighed in on his video, with one saying “this is history right here,” given that xQc has finally joined up to TikTok.

It remains to be seen if he’ll become a regular poster, but given how popular the app is, we wouldn’t be shocked to see some stream highlights get posted, as he’ll only keep growing if he does so.

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