xQc explains hilarious reason why he wouldn’t box JustaMinx

Virginia Glaze
xqc explains why he wouldn't fight justaminx boxing match

Twitch star xQc is set to commentate at iDubbbz’s upcoming charity boxing event… but if he were putting on the gloves, he says he would avoid fighting JustaMinx at all costs.

YouTube star iDubbbz is orchestrating one of the biggest and most unexpected events in the history of influencer boxing.

Dubbed ‘Creator Clash,’ the upcoming fight night special boasts a star-studded card with 11 bouts between 22 content creators from various social media platforms, thus far.

Including names like the Game Grumps’ Arin Hanson and OTV’s Michael Reeves, the influencers on this card are certainly turning heads — as are the plethora of commentators set to add their own spin on the proceeding bouts.

creator clash influencer beatdown poster
22 YouTubers are set to face off in iDubbbz’s massive charity boxing event this summer.

xQc is one of the commentators slated to give the play-by-play throughout the night, alongside MoistCr1TiKaL and FaZe Sensei.

While he won’t be putting on any gloves or headgear for Creator Clash, he definitely knows who he would be avoiding if he were to get in the ring — Twitch streamer JustaMinx.

Minx, a comedic Irish Twitch star, is currently slated to face off with TikToker YodelingHaley and has been open about her boxing training over on her Twitter account.

Yodeling Haley vs Minx
TikToker Yodeling Haley is set to face off against Twitch streamer JustaMinx.

xQc explains why he doesn’t want to box JustaMinx

According to xQc, Minx is simply too unpredictable to get into a scrap with, saying he knows better than to face off against this particular influencer.

“Oh no, she can definitely beat the s**t out of you,” he said in a recent Twitch stream. “Dude, I wouldn’t fight Minx. It’s not because of any bias or whatever, I just think she’s kinda crazy.”

“She’s gonna do something that nobody expects and even she doesn’t expect,” he added. “Like, her body’s gonna move on its own, dude, or something crazy, and you’re just gonna die.”

This unpredictability is one of the many reasons iDubbbz chose the influencers for Creator Clash, saying the element of “mystery” is one of the reasons he loves influencer boxing.

Creator Clash will take place on May 14. For more information, check out our hub on how to tune into this unprecedented boxing event.