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Pokimane trolled by Twitch chat over her fitness journey progress

Published: 14/Apr/2022 15:36

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys talked on stream about her recent workout gains, claiming she has “bread roll” abs, prompting instant trolling from her viewers

Pokimane has opened up to her fans about her recent strides in her fitness journey, documenting it on her second Twitter account Imane.

On that backup page, the streamer revealed she was able to hip thrust over 100 pounds and talked about how proud she was to hit that milestone.

Now, she’s shown off her workout progress while simultaneously poking fun at herself in the process.

Pokimane-admits-to-being-burnt-out-and-needing-a-change-720x405 (1) Pokimane has over 9 million followers on Twitch.

Pokimane shows off her new abs

The star streamer was live on Twitch when she showed off her newly acquired physique to her thousands of viewers.


“I’m in that in-between phase where there’s muscle underneath but I should lose more fat on top to show more definition. And you wanna know what that results in?”

Poki stood up out of her chair to show off her ab muscles, “I can tell, you know. There’s abs there, but there is still some chubbiness on top of the abs so they look like this, bro. They look like bread rolls! Do they not?”

Poki pulled up a picture of actual bread rolls, which sent her Twitch chat into a frenzy of laughter, which she didn’t take kindly to.


“You guys are laughing too hard, stop it! It was supposed to be an ‘Oh no, you look good’ kind of thing. Not actually laughing at me! What the f**k!”

Although Poki acted offended, she really was having a laugh at how much her Twitch chat thought the bread rolls actually resembled her abs.

Poki’s fitness journey is continuing and you can keep up with her progress on her second Twitter account, @Imane.