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Mizkif loses his mind after Jump King DLC playthrough goes south

Published: 16/Dec/2019 0:16 Updated: 28/Jul/2020 17:05

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch personality Mizkif exploded in rage after his attempt to conquer Jump King’s latest DLC ‘Ghost of the Babe’ quickly went south at the very end of the game.

The notoriously punishing Jump King is back with its third chapter Ghost of the Babe having released on December 13, and has again taken Twitch by storm as streamers continue to put themselves through pain and misery.

During his December 15 broadcast, streaming star Mizkif lost it when his attempt at the jumping simulator fell apart at the final stretch of the game, as the difficult title claimed yet another personality.

Nexile GamesThe popular jumping game is brutally punishing.

The popular streamer has a history with Jump King, even finally beating the notoriously difficult game back in May. However, he was making his newest attempt at beating the newly released DLC during a recent broadcast.

Mizkif carefully made his way to the very top, as his friend who was watching gasped at every jump because he had reached the final stretch of the game. “This is the end” he said triumphantly, before things went downhill – literally.

A misplaced jump sent the Twitch personality falling down, and he flew into a rage, screaming at the top of his lungs as his character continued to sink to the bottom. “Oh my God, no!” he shrieked, as he put both of his hands on his head.

Determined to not give up, the Twitch personality pushed on through to make his way back to where he failed. However, as he continued to struggle to progress once his chat began to taunt him.

Responding, he said, “To anyone saying making the same mistakes over and over, you are making the same mistake every day by coming to this stream!”

Mizkif finally made his way back to the spot he originally fell down at, and managed to fall in the exact same way as before. This time, instead of screaming, he pounded his fist on his desk in frustration.

Despite the game’s brutally punishing game mechanics, the jumping title exploded in popularity back in May when it first released, as it became a favorite among Twitch streamers.

Now that the game’s latest DLC has dropped, personalities are torturing themselves again to reach the top, and it’s endlessly entertaining to watch.


Hungrybox explains why he’s temporarily quitting Twitch and social media

Published: 24/Oct/2020 12:31

by Joe Craven


Juan ‘Hungrybox’ Debiedma, Team Liquid Smash main and popular Twitch streamer, has explained why he will be taking a short hiatus from the streaming platform. 

As far as Smash pros go, few have reached the popularity of Hungrybox. The Jigglypuff main, currently plying his trade for Team Liquid, has accumulated a monumental Twitch audience, sitting at over 230,000 followers at the time of writing.

In the 2019 MPGR world rankings, Hungrybox came out as first in the world. However, it seems that the chaotic, full-on life that comes with professional gaming and full-time streaming has caught up with Debiedma.

Team Liquid Smash Melee God Hungrybox addresses accusations
Hungrybox is the world number one ranked Smash player.

On October 23, the 27-year-old explained his decision to his 235,000 Twitter followers, citing the need to “step away and unplug” for a while. According to his Twitch stats, he has been live every single day since the middle of July. That is over 106 days of consecutive streaming, so there is no surprise that Hungrybox wants some time away.

“Hi guys,” he tweeted, “it’s time for me to unplug and step away for a little while. [I] haven’t taken an actual break from this life in over three years. It’ll do my brain & heart a lot of good. Thank you for all the love. Looking forward to returning stronger. Juan.” 

When will Hungrybox return to streaming?

The Smash pro has not been explicit over when he will make a return, but fans can expect to see him back streaming in the near future. Past streaming breaks have been a few days to a week-long, but it will ultimately come down to how rested and rejuvenated Hungrybox feels.

Fans will just have to remain patient and trust that Debiedma will be back as soon as he feels able.