Twitch streamer repeats the word “Mario” a million times in 15 days

Nicro dressed as Mario on streamNicro

A Twitch streamer has returned from a nine-month hiatus and is forced to repeat the name “Mario” a million times. Nicro streamed his Mario odyssey for over two weeks.

Nicro is a Canadian Twitch streamer who is known for his Wii Sports and Mario Odyssey speedruns. His most notable accomplishment was being the first to beat Mario Odyssey in less than an hour.

However, that’s likely to change following his return to streaming. Earlier this year, Nicro announced he would be taking a break from streaming and content creation to focus on personal matters. This break turned into a nine-month-long hiatus.

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Fans patiently awaited Nicro’s comeback, despite not having any idea when he would return. But on December 1, he shocked viewers with a live stream that’s as dumbfounding as it is entertaining.

Twitch streamer repeats “Mario” for two weeks

nicro says mario 1 million timesNicro (Twitch)
Nicro’s family and friends gather to witness his one-millionth “Mario”

Nicro had done what no streamer dared do before. He streamed for 15 days straight repeating the word “Mario”. Dressed as the mustachioed plumber and handcuffed to a television, Nicro would be tasked with repeating “Mario” 1 million times.

Similar to Ludwig’s Subathon, Nicro is streamed continuously, including whenever he is asleep. In addition to the continuous stream, the TV he was attached to constantly played random Mario soundtracks from YouTube.

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The stream also had an interactive element. For every donation, sub, and bit, Nicro adds more “Marios” to the total number amount he has to say. Nicro’s stream only lasted half as long as Ludwig’s 31-day subathon, and that’s because he capped the number of “Marios” at 1 million.

This is one of the most absurd comebacks in the history of Twitch. It was a physically and mentally demanding challenge, and Nicro pulled through.

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The final stream ended with a heartwarming speech. Nicro announced he would be live on Monday, December 20th with an AMA and react stream. So, if you want to get inside the head of the “Million Mario Man”, head on over to

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