xQc defends YouTubers with “edgy” history amid iDubbbz controversy

Connor Bennett
xQc in black t shirt with white and red writing on talking to camera

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has defended YouTubers who have “edgy” content in their past amid the ongoing drama around iDubbbz’s apology over his previous videos. 

Over the last few years, a number of high-profile YouTube stars have cleaned up parts of their empire with apologies and outright removal of previous videos. These videos, which might have shot them to stardom a few years ago, have gone increasingly under the microscope due to the language used at the time. 

On May 18, iDubbbz became the latest to apologize for his old videos, calling them “cruel” and “hurtful” at points, and even apologizing directly to Tana Mongeau for “harassing” her in those old uploads. 

The ‘Content Cop’ star caught some flak for apologizing but stated that he only cared for the responses of those communities he was saying sorry to. Though, xQc has also defended him and other YouTubers who have been making these such apologies. 

xQc weighs in on iDubbbz apology drama

iDubbbz’s apology was the subject of a part of xQc’s May 21 stream as some fans urged him to give his take on what has gone down. 

“I think doing the apology or not, I think it’s fine either way and I think that’s about it,” xQc said about the apology before giving a bigger picture view of things.

“I zoomed out and I realized that if that’s something you need from people, then you should have every creator apologize for almost all of their videos that were uploaded in times of 2012 to 2020. Pretty much, almost all the uploads. All of the old skits and you want them to apologize for every single one of their videos. All of them.”

He also mentioned different YouTubers who have also got that “edgy” content in their back catalog, and how its not just a handful of big names.

“Most YouTubers did something, like, edgy s*it at the time. Almost every YouTuber. At least, one of their uploads, of like, some edgier content. That’s how it is!”

It remains to be seen if any others will follow in iDubbbz’s footsteps, but his fans have been on board with his apologies.