iDubbbz apologizes to Tana Mongeau for “cruel” past content

iDubbbz apologizes for cruel past contentYouTube: iDubbbzTV

YouTube star iDubbbz has issued an apology for his “cruel” content in the past, making special mention of his ‘Content Cop’ series and his infamous video about Tana Mongeau.

iDubbbz is a prominent creator on YouTube, where he rose to prominence in part due to his ‘Content Cop’ video series.

These videos often took aim at other controversial creators on the site, one of the most notable centering around influencer Tana Mongeau.

In the years since, iDubbbz has changed the kind of content he produces, and has even founded the well-loved Creator Clash influencer-boxing event that has donated $1 million to charity.

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iDubbbz promises to change YouTube content and apologizes for past videos

On May 18, iDubbbz uploaded a video titled ‘I miss the old iDubbbz,’ where he apologized for the content he made in the past, calling his older work “cruel.”

“I am responsible for creating a lot of hurtful and damaging content on this channel, and I’ve also created a culture of apathy, and a lot of cruelty, as well,” he explained. “Some of the videos I’ve made have been very — not edgy…. I just think they were outright cruel.”

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He also made special mention of Tana Mongeau and apologized to her directly for “harassing” her both online and in-person.

“I particularly want to apologize to Tana,” he said. “Tana, I’m sorry. I should have never made that video. I harassed Tana in person and then harassed her online, and that’s deplorable behavior. It’s so stupid.”

He went on to apologize to any audience who felt alienated by his content, referencing a time a transgender fan came up to him and prefaced their request for a photo by saying “I know you probably don’t like transgender people, but can I get a picture?”

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“That smacked me in the face,” iDubbbz admitted. “I was like woah, holy sh*t. Why would you think that?”

iDubbbz also clarified that he is running ads on his apology video and will match the proceeds generated by it to donate toward a charitable cause. Additionally, the YouTuber claimed he would like to private his older, offensive videos, but not delete them.

It’s unclear if this latest statement is related to drama between iDubbbz, Sam Hyde, and Froggy Fresh, which caused Froggy Fresh to be removed from Creator Clash 2 earlier this year.

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