Idubbbz responds to criticism after Tana Mongeau apology

Shay Robson

YouTuber iDubbbz has responded after apologizing for his “cruel” content in the past, welcoming critics of his apology with open arms.

On May 18, iDubbbz uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘I miss the old iDubbbz,’ where he began to apologize for his older content on the site, admitting his past work was “hurtful” and “damaging” as well as “outright cruel.”

Specifically, he apologized to Tana Mongeau for “harassing” the YouTube star both online and in person, and further issued an apology to anybody who felt alienated by his content.

While many have been in support of the new and more mature iDubbbz, it’s fair to say he still got a lot of criticism from skeptics and even his own community.

iDubbbz responds to criticism after apology video

After a couple of no word from the YouTube star on the apology, he finally responded, where, in a tweet on May 20, he welcomed those criticizing his apology.

“I welcome opinions about my apology from people and communities whom the apologies were directed at,” he wrote. “That is where my care starts and ends.”

The response got a reply from FaZe Clan co-owner Banks, who suggested that iDubbbz should continue on his path and ignore the noise from his critics.

“Seems like you’re at minimum starting to like the person you are/ are becoming. Which is the only thing that actually matters. Fuck the noise brother, trust yourself,” he replied.

Although iDubbbz has gained appreciation and respect from the communities he’s hurt, many of his long-time fans claim he’s got nothing to apologize for.

In his apology video, iDubbbz shared he’d like to private his older, offensive videos, but not completely delete them — many of which have since been unlisted.

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