xQc claims he can’t pay Texas house bills as ex-girlfriend Adept blocks access

Eleni Thomas
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xQc claimed in a new stream that he is unable to access his Texas house accounts and that his ex-girlfriend Adept refused to give him access after he called her to ask about it.

Content creators xQc and Adept were previously known as a power couple in the streaming space. While the two initially pretended that they were not in a relationship and were simply “roommates”, they soon dropped the act and confirmed they were in a relationship.

However, in September 2022, the two confirmed they had split for good after being on and off again for a long time. What followed was a plethora of drama which, despite being over six months later, is still going on to this day.

First, it was about ownership of xQc’s McLaren supercar, which is in Adept’s name, given Lengyel doesn’t have a license. Then, it was revealed that Adept had in fact taken legal action, arguing that she and xQc were in a ‘common law marriage’ and was filing for divorce.

Now, however, the drama continues. In a recent Twitch stream, xQc explained why he has been unable to live in his Texas home, revealing that he has been locked out of his house accounts and that his ex-girlfriend and fellow streamer Adept allegedly refuses to give him access back.

Adept blocks xQc from accessing accounts for Texas house

“I call, and I’m like, could I possibly have my accounts back? They are under my name, which is at the house that I paid for so that I could possibly turn the power on. So I can live my life.”

xQc was tight-lipped about what exactly Adept said in response. However, he did hint that the conversation did not go how he was hoping and wanting it to. “Let’s just say, that didn’t go as well as you think it could possibly go.”

Time will tell if Adept responds to xQc’s claims or how the situation unfolds from here. Rest assured we’ll keep you posted on all the latest.

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