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xQc and Trainwrecks troll after not being invited to AOC’s Among Us stream

Published: 21/Oct/2020 16:00 Updated: 22/Oct/2020 10:27

by Lauren Bergin


When Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced her Among Us stream the world went wild. Some streamers, however, including xQc and Trainwrecks, felt a bit left out. 

Almost every gamer in the world would be excited at the chance to play with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th Congressional District.

This isn’t just because she’s a popular figure in American politics, but also because she’s an avid gamer. In numerous posts, AOC has expressed her love for League of Legends, and shocked the world when she announced that she ranked Silver in the game’s ranked scene.


Therefore, her involvement on Twitch stream with Pokimane and DrLupo makes complete sense, but according to some Twitch streamers, her choice of company did not.

Pokimane AOC Hasan Among Us
AoC chose to play alongside popular streamers, including Pokimane.

xQc and Trainwrecks left out

Popular streamers xQc and TrainwrecksTV were both less than happy about not getting the chance to get involved, despite their standing as two of the biggest Among Us streamers since the game’s rise on Twitch. xQc in fact, was ruling the category for weeks, before he decided to take a break.

And, when AOC first announced her plan to stream Among Us, Trainwrecks was among the streamers eager to get a spot.

During a CoD stream, xQc showed himself live-tweeting a tongue-in-cheek response to AOC’s tweet. The Congresswoman had thanked her fellow streamers for their involvement in the game, as xQc sarcastically replied that he was especially thankful for his invite (that he never received).


A second tweet from Trainwrecks went on to mock AoC’s streamer partners, referring to them as ‘the Disney channel.’

While it’s understandable that streamers would relish the opportunity to play with one of America’s most influential gamers, both xQc and Trainwreck both have rocky histories on the streaming platform. Their more mature style of content make them less viable guests on a PR related stream aimed at young people.

Whether or not xQc and Trainwreck will get their chance to play with AOC in the future is unknown.