xQc disagrees with Hasan after Kai Cenat arrested for NYC riot

Shay Robson
Twitch streamer xQc and birdseye view of Kai Cenat's riot at Union Square

Twitch stars xQc and Hasan have disagreed over Kai Cenat’s fan meetup and giveaway, which resulted in a riot at Union Square.

On August 4, Kai Cenat was put right in the public eye, catching mainstream attention after a fan meetup during an IRL live stream went south.

His intentions were harmless, with the Twitch star only wanting to give back to his fans with a giveaway. However, fans came out in the masses and the crowd was far greater than anybody could have anticipated.

With thousands gathering at Union Square, the situation quickly turned to chaos in what police and the media described as a riot as the situation began getting violent, with stores being raided, cars being destroyed and fans even attacking each other.

After spiraling out of control, the NYPD stepped in with a massive response, arresting Kai in the process — with him facing charges of unlawful assembly, inciting a riot, and other charges that haven’t yet been specified according.

Hasan and xQc disagree over Kai Cenat NYC riot

Reacting to the situation in an August 4 broadcast, Hasan claimed the situation was blown way out of proportion, explaining that the incident wasn’t as near as bad as the media was making out.

“Local media talking about f**king three dollars worth of Doritos like there was a bank run or some sh*t. Also, want to make it seem like this was a riot that was completely out of control,” he said. “It’s tragedy p*rn met with also like black unruly teenagers.”

However, xQc completely disagreed. Clearly frustrated by Hasan’s take, the Juicer went off on a rant, claiming it was completely out of control.

“Wait, some buildings were raided, cars destroyed, people are throwing f**king fireworks. Look at the image being shown on the screen,” he said — referring to a rioter using a fire extinguisher to cause disruption.

He added: “There’s dog sh*t everywhere on the ground. Look at this sh*t. Like, how is this not a riot or out of control? It’s both! Look at this sh*t. Like what the f**k.”

In a press conference after the whole ordeal, NYPD Chief Maddrey was asked if action would be taken against the Twitch star. While Kai has since been released from custody, the Chief claimed that something would “absolutely” be done.

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