Pokimane grossed out after xQc pretends to sniff her gaming chair

Pokimane Corinna Kopf fightTwitch: Pokimane

Pokimane has acknowledged how xQc jokingly ‘sniffed’ her gaming chair in a recent stream, with the Reddit community soon calling out his actions online.

xQc checked into Pokimane’s recent Twitch stream during his own September 29 broadcast. When checking in, xQc – after being encouraged by his viewers – proceeded to move his camera towards her chair and act as though he was sniffing the bottom of the seat.

Pokimane’s reaction to the video included the streamer simply yelling out “ew” and laughing off the incident before moving on. However, she did make one comment on the moment in response to his antics, noting how his “nostrils opened up so big” when he sniffed her chair.

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While the moment only lasted a few seconds, people online have taken major issues with it, a new Reddit thread about the clip generating almost one thousand comments in a matter of hours. In a comment that has over 2.7k likes, Reddit user JeremyK_980 wrote, “I’m struggling to think of any other profession besides streaming you can do sh** like this and not get canceled for being a weirdo.”

Other Reddit users have called xQc out for his actions and how they came only a week after the content creator spoke out “against sexual harassment on twitch.” More comments highlighted how “female streamers have enough creeps without their colleagues adding to it.”

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During xQc’s September 21 stream, the content creator seemingly called out Pokimane for using the gambling issue as a way to gain clout.

xQc admitted at the time that, “I’m not picking a bone with Poki, okay? I’m not picking a bone with her, but I was just also surprised seeing her in her free time watch gambling from her close friend,”

He then went on to add that, “she went so hard at the big two gamblers or whatever, while still actively watching a close friend do it and never mention her name in any conversation in any conversation about gambling ever?”

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At the time of writing both xQc and Pokimane are yet to comment further on the latest incident.