Fight breaks out at Barbie movie as women trade blows in theater

Virginia Glaze

A fight between two women broke out near the end of a Barbie screening at a theater in Brazil, supposedly after a mom let her child watch YouTube during the film.

It’s been a seriously successful week for the Barbie movie, which grossed a total $377 million on opening weekend as folks flocked to theaters worldwide to witness Greta Gerwig’s ingeniously marketed Mattel-inspired flick.

Despite the movie’s positive messaging and bright pink coloration, the film has sparked quite a debate online regarding its take on masculinity and feminism, with the likes of commentator Ben Shapiro even burning Barbie dolls in protest of the movie.

On top of this ongoing debate, the film seems to have sparked a real-world fight, as well, after two moviegoers traded blows in a theater following a screening in Brazil.

Margot Robbie as Barbie
The Barbie movie was a huge success.

Moviegoers clash at Barbie screening after mom lets kid watch YouTube on full volume

A clip from the brawl is going viral on social media, showing a group of moviegoers engaged in a heated conversation as the credits for the Barbie movie roll down the silver screen in a theater in Brazil.

Suddenly, a woman marches up the steps in the aisle and gives another woman a ferocious shove, sending her flying into the seats behind her.

A man could then be seen attempting to separate the two ladies as they continue to scrap, but the confrontation died down soon afterward.

According to Portuguese-speaking commenters who translated the argument, the altercation allegedly started after a woman allowed her child to watch YouTube on “max volume” throughout the movie.

Netizens were quick to offer their two cents on the situation, with many calling for better theater etiquette during films.

“People should really understand that watching mobile during a movie that you paid to watch can cause [a] disturbance and divert attention, so that is why it is always advised to switch it off or keep it on silent,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“I mean that’s pretty selfish, like why go to a movie just for your kid to be bothering the other people in the theater?” another said.

This isn’t the first time a brawl has broken out at a movie screening; in May, adults started scrapping at a showing of the Little Mermaid, effectively ruining the experience for kiddos in the theater.