Woman sparks TikTok debate with “inappropriate” thong swimsuit at family water park

Kawter Abed
Water park

A viral video of a woman wearing a thong swimsuit at a family water park has sparked a debate on TikTok.

The scantily-clad swimmer, who has not been identified, left viewers divided on the social media app for wearing “inappropriate” swimwear to a family-friendly water park.

In a viral TikTok clip with over 4.1 million views, the woman can be seen splashing about in a nude, backless thong one-piece bathing suit, while surrounded by families and children.


The text over the video read, “Is this appropriate for a family water park or not?”

Meanwhile, the TikToker who shared the video made her own view clear, as she wrote in the captions: “Thoughts!! I don’t think its appropriate there’s kids all around her, but she looks great!!”

Many users took to the comment section to share their opinions on the woman’s choice of swimwear.

Woman’s skimpy bikini sparks debate on TikTok

Some commenters were outraged, and believed she should’ve covered up in the presence of families and children.

“It definitely isn’t appropriate and for those of you saying kids don’t care, you’re part of the problem. Kids follow what they seen think is ok,” one user wrote.

“Everyone supportive, yet if a man wore a skin tight speedo with kids eye level to it, they would be mad as hell,” another user argued.

“It’s called having respect for others and their family. This world doesn’t have it anymore,” someone else added.

Others, however, defended the woman, and even slammed the TikToker for filming her without her consent.

“You’re the one recording,” one user wrote. “Is it appropriate to record someone in a bathing suit without them noticing?” another user questioned.

“People keep saying there’s kids around, but the kids don’t care. The women are just concerned their husbands are looking,” someone else commented.

“Children don’t care or sexualize, it’s what we teach our children that matters,” another user argued.