Woman shocks TikTok by trekking through gator-infested water to toss out her trash

Molly Byrne
kayak katie

A woman is going viral on TikTok for sharing how she gets rid of her trash while living in the middle of a gator-filled swamp, causing many shocked viewers to say their garbage would simply pile up if they lived the same way.

TikToker Kayak Katie has gone viral plenty of times thanks to her experience living in the swamps of Pierce County in southeast Georgia. 

Her wood cabin is supported by stilts in the middle of the Satilla River, and the stairs leading up to her porch are submerged underneath the dark, murky water. 

However, it’s worth noting that the river surrounding her cabin is filled with alligators. And since one of her only means of travel from her cabin to the road is by kayak, Katie has to dodge the gators, never knowing if they’re beneath the water or not.

Katie’s unordinary way of life has gone so viral that she gained 9M views from a TikTok post this April, where she filmed how she throws her trash away.

For starters, she puts on a wetsuit. Then she grabs her chihuahua and places her inside her gear. Next, Katie loads her several bags of trash into a kayak and begins to walk it through the swamp. When she docks her kayak on land, she then drives a four-wheeler on a dirt road until she reaches the garbage bins on the main road.

Katie’s TikTok resulted in several comments where viewers expressed their shock. “I beg your finest pardon,” said one. “The way my house would just be full of trash bags,” added someone else.

One viewer also posed the question, “How are you not terrified of what’s in the water?” Meanwhile, another joked about the route being similar to the one his grandparents took to school “in the old days.”

Though risky, Katie doesn’t seem to have any quarrels about trekking through the swampy, gator-filled water. She even found comments from viewers comical, as she shared many laughing face emojis to their opinions.  

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