Mom under fire for dressing her toddler in “inappropriate” outfits for school

Virginia Glaze
TikTok mom comes under fire for dressing toddler in inappropriate outfits

A mother is coming under fire on TikTok for dressing her toddler daughter in lavish outfits for school, which many viewers are labeling as “inappropriate.”

TikTok is home to a wide variety of jaw-dropping content — but one mother’s videos about her toddler daughter are sparking some concern from viewers.

TikTok user ‘Dee Dee’ is going viral on the video-sharing platform for showing off her daughter’s outfits that she wears for school.

While it’s not uncommon to see kiddos dressed to the nines for picture day, Dee Dee makes sure that her mini-me is perfectly coordinated seemingly every time class is in session.

However, many viewers are taking issue with these outfits, which they claim are a bit too mature for such a small child.

“She’s just absolutely inappropriate,” one viewer wrote in a comment. “I don’t care who gets mad. Little girls should be dressed like little girls. She’s literally [dressed] just like me and I’m 23.”

“Let babies dress like babies,” another urged.

“She just wants to wear Minnie Mouse,” another said.

Commenters lash out at mother for dressing toddler in controversial outfits
Commenters weren’t a fan of the kiddo’s outfits.

Still others called the TikToker’s daughter a “living doll,” noting that her mom dresses her in perfectly curated fits that one might see on a Barbie doll.

It doesn’t look like these remarks are phasing Dee Dee, though. The mother has made a few video responses to critics calling her out on TikTok, with one reading: “Me, watching the video I just posted while I’m scrolling through the comments saying how I’m a bad mother, I’m selling my daughter so young” alongside a video of actor Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich.

This isn’t the first time a parent has caught some flak on TikTok; in fact, two parents lost custody of their child after wrapping their kid in saran wrap in a viral video earlier this month.