Mom speechless after librarian calls her out for dress code violation

Kawter Abed
Mom dress-coded in public library

A shocked mother has gone viral on TikTok, after revealing she was dress-coded in a public library while carrying her daughter.

Content creator Hilary (calmlychaoticmom) took to TikTok to share her recent experience of being shamed by a librarian who didn’t approve of her outfit.

Hilary revealed that she was wearing a cropped cardigan and high-waisted mom jeans in the library. “I was feeling good about myself and she ruined that,” she said. “So, I’m chasing my kids around, they’re acting wild and I always get a little stressed out that they don’t sit during story times.”

After story time, the librarian approached the TikToker and asked her if she was a mom or a babysitter. “And I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, she thinks I’m young,’ so I go ‘Oh I’m mom not the babysitter.”

But the conversation took an unexpected turn for Hilary. “She goes, ‘You should know better,’ in like this judgy ‘tsk tsk’ kind of tone, and so I immediately start apologizing for my girls’ behavior,” she recalled.

When she began apologizing for her children’s behavior, the librarian then corrected her, saying “No, your outfit.” Hilary then realized that her slightly cropped cardigan had ridden up while she was carrying her one-year-old, revealing “maybe like one inch” of her midriff.

Many TikTok users in the comments were shocked that the confrontation even happened. “Tell her supervisor! That is totally inappropriate of her to say. Your outfit is fine,” one person wrote.

“Your outfit is adorable. I’m so over the mom shaming,” another added. “As someone who works at a public library, this infuriates me. So uncalled for and absolutely unnecessary. Your outfit is super cute!!” a third added.

“That’s crazy she would even say anything to you. I doubt there is even a real dress code. Keep rocking in crop tops and high waisted jeans because you look good!” someone else shared.

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