TikToker sends PSA about tan-through swimwear: “They’re all fake”

Molly Byrne
TikToker's review the tan-through swimwear.

TikTok’s #tan-through swimwear has nearly 44 million views — but people are unconvinced, as multiple people have given the innovative swimwear negative reviews.

With hot girl summer upon the ladies, many TikToker’s have been eager to try the new tan-through swimwear.

The mesh swimsuit comes in both a one and two-piece with brands like Bare Swimwear, Sunnie Swim, True Tone Swimwear, and Solthruwear coming up with designs of all sorts.

TikTokers, however, have shared their reviews on the innovative swimwear — and they aren’t good.

Tan-through swimwear took three months to arrive in the mail 

Though having no tan lines would be ideal, the tan-through swimwear that has been trending on TikTok is being called a fake, causing one TikToker to send out a PSA saying, “[t]hey’re all fake. It doesn’t work at all, don’t get it.”

Those in the comment section of her video, which has roughly 40,000 views, were eager to thank the TikToker for her honest review, saying, “[y]ou have no idea the service you have done for my mental health. I have not been able to stop thinking about buying it.” 

Another grateful commenter added, “I was literally about to purchase and decided to search TikTok for actual reviews. Thank you.”

But the bad reviews don’t stop there. Another TikToker shared her same experience with the swimsuit sham, as she also still got tan lines under her tan-through bikini. Not only that, but she also regarded the swimwear ad as “sketchy.” To make matters even worse, it took three months to arrive in the mail after her initial purchase.

This same TikToker also called the tan-through bikini she was wearing in her video “poorly designed” and that she was “not impressed.” Those who saw her video were also grateful for her review, saying, “[l]iterally ordered one two weeks ago and now my order says it’s no longer there… Definitely don’t order!!”

Though TikTok trends can be somewhat tempting, they can also be questionable.

One of the latest summer trends of using beer as a tanning method has also gone viral to not only raise awareness of the negative physical effects it can have on the body, but also because the behavior was simply shocking.

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