Woman sparks debate on TikTok after eye-catching dress gets stares in viral video

Virginia Glaze
Woman sparks debate on tiktok after wearing eye catching dress in public

A TikToker is stirring up debate on the platform after wearing an eye-catching outfit in public and calling out a few people who stared at her in a viral video that’s racking up millions of views.

TikTok is a popular platform for showing off one’s outfits; a quick scroll through the for you page generally has at least a few people flexing their ‘OOTD.’

However, one TikToker’s fit check is causing quite the debate and has stirred up a viral controversy.

TikToker ‘Emilythebear’ was in New York City when she decided to record a couple glamour shots of her outfit. She was sporting a black, backless bodysuit and strutted her stuff down a crosswalk — but caught a few glances and stares from two men in the area.

Emily didn’t seem comfortable with them and captioned her video, “This is why I wear jackets when I’m alone,” highlighting the men looking at her by zooming in on their faces.

At the time of writing, Emily’s video has garnered over 13 million views and counting — but it has also started quite a debate.

Woman divides TikTok after calling out men for staring at her

Some viewers are sympathetic toward the TikToker, arguing that the men should have kept their glances to themselves and that Emily should be able to wear whatever she likes without inviting unwanted attention.

However, others are dubbing Emily “pick me,” saying that her outfit is inherently “attention-grabbing” and that, since she was being filmed, the TikToker likely caught a few curious glances from passersby wondering what she was doing.

“I mean even though I’m a girl, I’d also look, ’cause it looked like you’re posing and doing a catwalk on the sidewalk,” one user wrote.

“‘Pick meee… choose meee’ vibes,” another said.

“I think it is completely normal that people look at you,” another posed. “Don’t try to criminalize people just because they look at someone whose style is not casual.”

tiktok debate after woman wears eye catching dress in public copy

“It’s for her to look good for herself, not others,” a commenter shot back.

“I think the problem isn’t [that they] are looking, the problem is the way they are looking,” another said. “I know you’re not going with that on the street, but if you want to.”

This is the latest outfit-related moment to go viral on TikTok after a woman sparked confusion when she wore skin-colored leggings to her local gym.

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