Woman ruins couple’s “once in a lifetime” engagement and TikTok is furious

Connor Bennett
Screenshots of tiktok of engagement being interrupted by woman in bikini

A woman has incurred the wrath of the internet after she interrupted a “once in a lifetime” wedding proposal on the beach, with some viewers calling it ‘rude’. 

As TikTok has become home to many a viral video, and, naturally, weddings and relationships have become a big part of those. 

We’ve seen people confused about proposals, complaining that safety signs have ruined their photos, and others order McDonald’s for their guests. Many of these videos have split TikTok viewers, mainly because they compare it to their ideal day with their partner. 

Proposals are a pretty big one now too, especially as they become increasingly public. It doesn’t take much for a random member of the public to completely ruin another special moment, which TikToker warngwarng – Zenicca Llanza – found out during hers.

TikTok furious as random woman interrupts ‘dream’ engagement

Zenicca’s video went viral with over 2 million views as she and her partner captured their beach proposal. Things had been going well after her partner got down on one knee and popped the question during their “once in a lifetime” proposal.

However, a woman in the background decided to try to ‘fix’ their quaint setup before walking up to their newly engaged couple and asking for a look at the ring – clearly unaware that the whole thing was being caught on camera. She even mentioned her daughter getting married. 

“This made me physically ill I’m so sorry omg,” said one viewer. “You could excuse the first few seconds with good intentions but the rest I feel like we’re just really bad manners and not having any self-awareness,” another added. 

“The lack of situational awareness is sickening. Why are some people like this?” another commented. “This is why I don’t want to get proposed to in public, people have NO SELF AWARENESS.”

The TikToker did offer an update on it, showing off better photos of her engagement without the interruption. So, things worked out in the end.