Woman loses it after being proposed to at Waffle House

Lauren Lewis
waffle house

In a viral TikTok video, a woman was proposed to at Waffle House, and her reaction has gone viral on the platform.

A TikToker named John Cox, filmed his significant other’s reaction to being proposed to at the Waffle Factory. 

He pans over the romantic display he’s created on the table, saying “Now look it takes a real man to make Waffle House, look baby, it takes a real man to make Waffle House romantic.”

“I just have one question: will you marry me?” he asks as someone serves a waffle to her off camera. She can be seen jumping in her seat with excitement. As she grabs the plate and makes it visible to the camera, a ring box can be seen on top of it.

“I will marry you,” she says, clearly emotional. 

He asks her to show the ring, to which she replies: “Yes oh it’s beautiful the waffle ring! Oh baby it’s gorgeous, you got me all vaklempty.”

TikTok in love with Waffle House proposal

After the video was posted on the platform, it absolutely melted people’s hearts. They couldn’t get over how sweet the woman’s reaction was.

“The simplicity of this proposal is seriously so beautiful. seems like the Waffle House was a significant part of your relationship, so this is amazing.”

“Proof proposals don’t need to be elaborate. Just two people in love at a Waffle House,” another wrote. 

“Is that ring box clean? Because, we don’t need to be ruining that perfectly good waffle! Congrats!” one wrote, followed by a laughing emoji.

“My momma worked at Waffle House. She got engaged there AND had her wedding there. We threw grits at the end and they drove off in a tow truck,” one user shared.