Woman responds to backlash after revenge on cheating boyfriend goes viral

woman's revenge on cheating boyfriend goes viralTikTok/rikkijump

A TikToker who went viral after revealing how she got revenge on her cheating boyfriend has responded after receiving a tsunami of backlash.

Rikki Jump went viral this past week after she posted a series of TikToks explaining how she got back at her ex-boyfriend after he cheated on her twice.

According to Jump, she used logged into his school and bank accounts and proceeded to mess with his college classes and the money in his checking account.

“I dropped all of his college classes and transferred all of his money from his checking account to his savings account, so he’d overdrafted a sh*t t ton,” she said.

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Now, after her revelation resulted in some major blowback, Jump deleted her videos and posted a new TikTok explaining the situation in more detail.

TikToker responds after cheating boyfriend revenge sparks backlash

In the new clip, Jump noted that she made a mistake by not prefacing that this incident happened “almost fifteen years ago” and that others shouldn’t try to copy her.

“It was supposed to be like when you’re sitting around the holiday dinner and you tell your mom that when you were in high school you stole her car,” she said.

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“I didn’t steal anything. I transferred money from checking to savings,” she added. “He attended his classes the next day. He can’t press criminal charges against me and if he could, he wouldn’t.”

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Jump went on to add that while criticism of posting the videos to begin with is valid, men saying they wanted to “assault” her wasn’t. She also warned others about the dangers of inadvertently going viral on the internet.

“If anything this can be a lesson to young girls out there to not be reactive and to not underestimate the power of the internet,” she told the New York Post.