Woman goes viral on TikTok after not pooping for over a month

Dylan Horetski
TikToker Cherine and Baby Doll

A TikToker has gone viral on the app after revealing that she hadn’t pooped for over a month before doctors were able to properly help with her digestive issues.

When it comes to TikTok, sharing a unique story throughout a series of videos is a surefire way of going viral on the platform.

Cherine Docherty, a TikToker who goes by the name CherineandCathydoll on the app, has gained over 200,000 followers in just a couple of months thanks to her recent health experiences.

The 39-year-old Scottish woman went viral after she began sharing her bowel movement issues that made her appear like she was pregnant.

CherineandBabydoll goes viral on TikTok

Cherine first began gaining traction on the app after uploading a video on July 11 with the caption: “Day 34 of not doing a [poo emoji] while showing off her stomach, mentioning that she looked pregnant.

After her video gained over a million views while she gained over 224,000 followers, and she began using her platform to post updates about her health issues.

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Viewers quickly flooded the comments to share their worries for the TikToker’s health.

One user commented: “This needs to be sorted ASAP. Ur bowel could perforate, what are they doing?”

While another said: “From someone who worked for the ambulance service, please go back to A&E and refuse to leave until something is done. This needs sorting xx.”

Just four days later on July 15, Cherine had surgery to help with her constipation issues which included a colostomy bag.

The surgery went well and since then, the TikToker has gained millions of views on her videos, having formed a community around sharing her experiences.

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