Woman divides internet claiming all couples should sleep separately

Christy Mathew
TikToker talks about having separate bedrooms

A TikToker defended her and her boyfriend’s choice of sleeping separately, leading to a debate online as people on both sides of the argument present their case.

The age-old tradition of couples sleeping together has now led to a debate after a single post from TikToker @kat.studios, on having separate bedrooms.

Her statement has given rise to a heated conversation on the dynamics of a relationship and the importance of personal space.

She started her TikTok by asking when people would normalize a couple living together but having separate bedrooms without thinking their relationship has hit a rough patch. Kat shared the reasons why it works for her and her boyfriend to have this arrangement.

She has been dating her boyfriend for 6 years, and they have been living together for almost 4 years.

TikToker explains why they have separate bedrooms

The TikToker began with the judgments people have about them and said, “It is amazing how people will jump to conclusions and just make the worst assumptions about our relationship when they find out.”

The very first thing she clarified is that they end up sleeping together most of the time, however, sometimes when they need their own space or have to wake up in the morning, they choose to sleep separately.

She also explained that if one of them is sick or has trouble sleeping at night, they go to their bedrooms. Kat talked about the benefits like having extra closet space and not getting rid of things when she moved in with her boyfriend.

The TikToker added that they make their bedrooms their own with the decor and their rules, which gives both of them full control. She said, “It’s just really nice having that sense of freedom and independence in a committed relationship, where you have to compromise on everything else.”

The last reason she listed was about having their own private space when they have a fight occasionally. Kat said, “Sometimes couples fight and it’s really nice to have a private, personal space where you can go take a beat, get your thoughts in order, take some for yourself, etc.”

The TikToker ended her video by urging people to not judge others saying, “If you ever meet a couple that maybe doesn’t share the same bedroom or does something else that seems odd to you try not to jump to conclusions, try not to make assumptions, try not to be an a**!”

Internet debates on TikToker’s arrangement

Many users on the platform started sharing their opinions about having the same bedroom as their partners while some users applauded her for talking about this.

A viewer wrote, “My wife & I have our own rooms. I am very neat & she isn’t. We both get to have our own space & office since we work from home. very happy! [together] 22 yrs.”

Kat was surprised with the amount of support in the comments section and thanked users for all their love while admitting that she did not expect the video to “blow up the way it did”.

The TikToker just wanted to rant and explained, “I don’t know any other couples that don’t share a bedroom.” She added, “It’s been so cool knowing that I’m not the only one” with the “weird” lifestyle.