Woman slammed for “ruining” her boyfriend’s apartment in viral home makeover

Virginia Glaze

A woman on TikTok is coming under fire for “ruining” her boyfriend’s apartment in a home makeover that many viewers thought was unnecessary.

There’s a community for just about everyone online, and TikTok is a perfect place for many enthusiasts to get together and show off their creations, collections, and various achievements.

It’s an especially popular place for anyone who’s crafty or interested in home improvement or interior decorating (remember the TayBeepBoop vs Kaarin Joy beef, anyone?) — but not everyone is a fan of some TikTokers’ home renovations.

In the latest drama taking over the interior design space, a woman is coming under fire for the changes she made to her boyfriends’ apartment — which critics say completely destroyed the “soul” of the flat.

TikToker under fire for “soulless” changes to boyfriend’s apartment

In early November, TikTok user Emma Ganzarain showed off a few before and after photos of her man’s apartment, which she had updated from its warm, cozy interior to a comparatively spartan and clinical look.

TikTok users aren’t a fan of this woman’s changes to her boyfriend’s apartment.

Gone were the apartment’s deep colors and unique decorations; now, the apartment is painted with neutral tones and clean furnishings.

“All men need a woman in their life,” Ganzarain captioned one of her posts.

It’s safe to say that viewers weren’t happy with her changes to her boyfriend’s living space, with one commenter writing, “His soul is no longer in that space. Stop trying to fix the men in your life and learn to love them for who they are and the way they want to decorate.”

Viewers were not a fan of the changes she’d made and were sure to let her know about it in the comments, calling her renovations a classic case of “sad Millennial beige.”

“Yeah, strip every spec of character and soul out of your living space, make it unliveable,” another wrote.

“Why did you remove all the character for sad beige?” another asked.

It doesn’t look like Ganzarain is in agreement with her critics. In a response video, the TikToker uploaded another video of the space set to audio from the Barbie movie, where the titular doll says, “It’s Barbie’s Dreamhouse, not Ken’s Dreamhouse, right?”

“Well, he is allowed to have his Arsenal coffee mug in the living room sometimes,” she captioned the clip.

She also uploaded an additional video in response to the criticism, saying she “knows I’m not the best at [interior design] and that’s fine.”

It’s clear that the internet was not a fan of her updates — nor her attitude toward her man’s living space. But for now, it looks like Ganzarain is happy with her changes and is just rolling with the punches.