Couple has TikTok split over “water only” family order at restaurants

Woman staring at each other with white text and tiktok logo on screenTikTok: Claire and Peter

A couple has got TikTok a little bit after revealing one of their families orders “water only” when at restaurants but the other side doesn’t. 

Over the last few years, as TikTok has become more of a hub for viral videos than just a platform for creatives, we’ve seen many clips split users right down the middle. 

Many of these have revolved around whether or not something is real or fake, the behavior of delivery drivers, and relationship advice. The last one, typically, is more about relationships that are on the rocks rather than going steady. 

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In the case of TikTokers Claire and Peter, who have over 340,000 followers on the short-form video app, they’ve got users split after they went to dinner with Claire’s “water only” family and Peter ordered something different. 

Water only TikTok has the internet split

If you’ve never heard of the “water only” phrase, you need not worry – there have been many others asking the same question and it’s pretty much how it sounds. These are families who, when going out to dinner, only order water instead of soft drinks or alcohol. 

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In Claire’s case, her family all ordered water while Peter went for something a little different. The clip, which has gotten over 13 million views, is only 10 seconds long, but that’s quite enough for the comments section to become a bit of a battle. 

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Many have noted they come from a similar background and wouldn’t change from that, even in relationships. “I did NOT grow up in a water only family, but I’m making my kids grow up in one,” said one. “The water only family is so real,” added another. “Water only family..we got soda and juice at home,” commented another. 

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Others disagree though and aren’t big fans of the “water only” policy. “I grew up in a water only family, so I married into a drink/appetizer/dessert family,” noted one. 

“Water only family honestly sound scary and not fun,” another argued. I mean, deprive yourself if you want.. but why is she glaring at him for drinking the water??” added another. 

The battle has raged on in the comments, but the TikTokers have commented on it any further and have moved on themselves.

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