What is the viral ‘shoe theory’ on TikTok?

Shoes next to the TikTok logoUnsplash: Nathan Dumlao

TikTokers are going viral with their videos talking about the ‘shoe theory’ — but what exactly is this latest relationship theory all about? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Dating and relationships continue to be huge topics on TikTok, providing inspiration for a number of different trends including everything from tests you can do on your partner, to storytimes about people’s wildest first dates.

Throughout December, there has been an increase in references to a relationship theory called the ‘shoe theory,’ and many users have been sharing their experiences with it.

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This ‘theory’ is by no means new, but some believe that giving your partner shoes as a gift is bad luck, as it could supposedly cause them to break up with you.

The superstition has been around for a while, but in the run-up to Christmas, there has been an influx of posts made about it on TikTok by people who are only encountering the theory after having already purchased shoes as a gift for their partner.

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“Ladies, here is undeniable proof that the shoe theory is real,” one user wrote in the caption of their video. “I told him I was getting him Jordans for his bday and by the time they came in he had already dumped me.”

Many users have shared anecdotes that support the theory, each of them revealing that not long after purchasing shoes for their partner, they were broken up with. Some are worrying as a result, due to the fact they have already bought their partner shoes for Christmas.

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However, many TikTokers and commenters have also shared stories proving that the superstition hasn’t been true in their case.

“Idk ab the shoe theory but I got my bf shoes for Christmas when we first started dating & are about to celebrate 8 years together so take it with a grain of salt,” one user wrote, with many commenters sharing similar stories.

Although the ‘shoe theory’ is just a superstition, posts about it on TikTok are garnering millions of likes and views across the platform as some users encounter it for the first time.

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